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Backup Deduplication Efficiencies and Capacity Planning Demystified

Seasons Greetings to All..

I recently wrote about a topic dear to my heart, backup deduplication and capacity planning. The paper was published by EMC Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing program and is available from the EMC Community Network. A link to the paper is here.

The paper has also been published @ here.

Abstract below..

Many organisations have embraced disk-centric backup architectures by adopting purpose-built backup appliances to overcome the reliability and performance challenges associated with tape-centric architectures.
The market for purpose-built backup appliances reached 2.4 bilion in 2011 and continues to experience growth. This has resulted in many new vendors’ releasing solutions. The market is now saturated with a variety of solutions, from software-only to purpose-built backup appliances and combinations thereof. Each implementation has its strengths and weaknesses. This article will attempt to provide an objective comparison of the functional and architectural properties associated with deduplicated disk-centric backup implementations.
Furthermore, for those that have already adopted deduplicated disk for backup, we discuss capacity planning and why traditional planning models that we apply to primary storage do not work well for deduplicated disk backup systems. To support this discussion, we will provide a generic overview of deduplicated disk backup sizing and how backup requirements and data profiles effect storage consumption. Equipped with this knowledge, the reader will be in a better position to understand and forecast deduplication storage consumption.

This will probably be my last post for the year. Hope you enjoyed the content in 2013. Look out for some new experiments in the new year.