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EMC Data Protection User Group coming to a city near you


Come listen to my colleagues and I at the inaugural EMC Data Protection User Group series. This series kicks off at the end of May and will run throughout the rest of the year in 68 cities around the world.  The agenda is structured in such a way that we can address both global and local data protection topics. We gather at a local location to share EMC product information, to enable you to exchange experiences and best practices, and to allow users to network with EMC experts and fellow peers.

Want to learn more? Click here to register for a local user group in your city (I will be in Melbourne).  You can also join the EMC Community Network by clicking here.  Finally, you can follow on Twitter @EMCProtectData and Facebook.

PS: We will be covering the present and future of Data Protection. To that end, please keep in mind you will be required to complete a Non Disclosure Agreement.